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Nigeria on gunpowder: The climax of misrule

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This remarkable work, has been crafted as hormonotherapy for all Nigerians and an exposition for citizens of the world. It is a grand panoptic relay and candid analysis of the chronicle of events that have moulded Nigeria from primordial times to the present tragic moment. 

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The author insists that it will be agonizing should the reactionary forces devilishly, selfishly, obdurately and unwisely continue to refuse to see the urgency for the rebirth of the nation after the tradition of available lodestars, that should they rather choose to sustain the disrupting status quo in spite of all the revealing nausea it has engendered all along, Nigerians will be propelled compulsively towards an internecine holocaust.

Proof: Did Ahmadu Bello not threaten in 1953 to cause the North to secede? Did Yakubu Gowon not affirm in 1966 that the North would secede because “the basis of unity is no longer there”?

The time is seen as now for all progressives to throw down the gauntlet even if it means putting their lives on the line because it is more noble to die, even young, a martyr than to live a perennial silent bomoaner.

Does Nigeria deserve any but the most decisive crisis resolution? But, if the convergence point for resolution is evasive, let us bargain for the ultimate - peace: to your tent O’Israel.

Author: Victor Olu Taiwo


531 pages